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Dual Cultivation
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NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 913 – Frozen Azure Cave tempt eggs
Nonetheless, these were still not with the Freezing Azure Cave.
Nevertheless, there is a single issue. The mountain itself was incredibly tall and reached the heavens, where there didn’t appear to be any trails that they can could step to visit the most notable, abandoning them with only 1 alternative.
Su Yang elevated his left arm and directed with the peak on the mountain / hill which had been at the end of the mountain / hill valley.
Su Yang then required an in-depth air and stated, “Are you prepared because of this, Xiao Rong?”
The prompt they spotted the two of those, they started off traveling into their direction.
‘Oh, Ziyi, I seriously hope you’re in there…’ Su Yang sighed inwardly since he started off piloting toward the optimum in the mountain / hill.
“Master…” Xiao Rong looked at him, who had been seated on the ground and creating.
“In fact, considering that I consider it, it ought to be great even when we entice the awesome beasts. Provided that we arrive at the Frozen Azure Cave, Ziyi will take care of them for us.” Su Yang then arrived at this conclusion.
Nonetheless, they had been still not with the Frosty Azure Cave.
“Divine Sword!”
Once this transpired, they are able to only try to escape and pray into the heavens they can don’t get found with the enchanting monster.
“The Reddish-Experienced Lizard is not merely highly effective but it comes with a particular ability that may spit out dangerous saliva that moves as fast as a flying treasure and just about impossible to avoid, and unlike the mist it secretes, its saliva is exceedingly dangerous and may even instantly wipe out us if this even details it.”
“The best way to defend against an skill should be to include yourself in spiritual energy that it cannot enter. However, neither individuals are impressive enough to bar it using our spiritual strength, and we all are only able to avoid it.”
A couple of hours after, as soon as Su Yang recovered nearly all his psychic vigor, they carried on to relocate all over again.
The marvelous beast produced an unpleasant cry that had been boisterous enough to shake the shrubs and surface.
“Even though we get up there, the Iced Azure Cave is large enough to hold awesome beasts within, but we probably don’t have to bother about that, given that Ziyi should’ve cared for them if she’s inside of.”
Once this happened, they may only try to escape and pray to your heavens they can don’t get caught because of the marvelous monster.
“Even though we get up there, the Iced Azure Cave is big enough to number marvelous beasts interior, but we probably don’t have to worry about that, given that Ziyi should’ve dealt with them if she’s in.”
Needless to say, there were encounters with awesome beasts which are even better than Xiao Rong.
Needless to say, there had been encounters with marvelous beasts that were even more powerful than Xiao Rong.
Su Yang raised his left arm and directed at the maximum on the mountain peak which had been at the end of the hill valley.
Even so, these were still not for the Freezing Azure Cave.
A few hours later, once Su Yang recovered many his divine vitality, they persisted to relocate once again.
They might continue doing this method every time they stumbled upon a magical beast, and whilst it was extremely tiring for Su Yang, he carried on to experience it, as they quite simply were definitely so in close proximity to attaining the Iced Azure Cave. Additionally, each time he taken into consideration assembly Luo Ziyi yet again, he would acquire some vitality back and continue on pus.h.i.+ng even more.
Su Yang retrieved the marble that could teleport them if one thing goes completely wrong and kept it within his knowledge so that they could teleport to security instantly.
“The best way to fight for against this kind of capacity is to cover yourself in psychic energy that it cannot go through. However, neither of them of people are powerful enough to bar it with these spiritual vigor, so we will only stay clear of it.”
Even though mystical beasts ended up 100s of mls out, they sealed the space in no time.
Once this occurred, they could only try to escape and pray on the heavens which they don’t get found through the enchanting beast.
Just as much as he desired to continue transferring with the similar velocity, he truly didn’t prefer to come across the Red-Confronted Lizard.
“The only way to defend against this sort of skill is usually to protect yourself in religious energy it cannot pass through. On the other hand, neither of the two people are strong enough to block it with this spiritual energy, so that we can only keep away from it.”

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